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LF-GENERATOR Standalone Application
Generate Sinus, Pulse, Noise, Sweep and more...
Application for Windows PC.
(works with default audio output device)

  (ZIP 353Ko - JUN 2002)
Help us to maintain freeware
and create new audio tools for everyone!

FFX-4 Rack Plug-in
FFX4 Plug-in hosts Direct-X Plug-ins in series.

VST & Direct-X Plug-in for Windows PC.

  (ZIP 1.128Ko - MAR 2008)

WinAmp Plug-in for Windows PC.

  (ZIP 595Ko - FEB 2002)
VB-PLUGMAN manages Direct-X and VS3 Plug-ins System Registration
Plug-in Manager, lists all plug-ins installed on your system and allows removing, disabling or enabling them through the Windows Registry.

Free Application for Windows PC.

  (ZIP 66Ko - NOV 2001)

STRIPTOOL V1 as VST, DX and VS3 Plug-in.
Manage your Mix by inserting Striptool on every channel of your virtual mixing console...

DX-VST Plug-in for Windows PC (32 bits DAW)

  (ZIP 726Ko - MAY 2002)
VS3 Plug-in for Merging Pyramix 6.0 SP1

  (ZIP 1.346 Ko - OCT 2008)

VS3 Plug-in for Merging Pyramix 5.1

  (ZIP 885Ko - JAN 2007)

Compute your time easily with VB-Audio TimeCalc.

TimeCalc for Windows PC (Small Casio Version)

  (ZIP 152Ko - DEC 1999)
TimeCalc for Windows PC (Medium Version)

  (ZIP 216 Ko - FEB 2006)

TimeCalc for Windows PC (Big / Touch screen Version)

  (ZIP 242 Ko - FEB 2006)

Free VST Plug-ins (1998 Series).

VST Bit Reduction
Bit Reduction.
Change bit resolution of your
sound and get a dirty effect.

  (ZIP 6Ko - JUL 2005)

VST D-Limiter
First VB-Audio Limiter to boost
your sound without limit.

  (ZIP 29Ko - APR 1998)
VST Karakao
Tricky filter to remove singer
voice on stereo track.

  (ZIP 29Ko - APR 1998)
VST Mega-Trancer
Mega Trancer.
Special Fx for techno beat
and get robot voice.

  (ZIP 30Ko - JUL 1998)
VST Ping-Pong Disto
Ping Pong Disto.
Stereo Delay with special
distorsion effect.

  (ZIP 33Ko - SEP 1998)
VST Surrounder
FX Surrounder .
Spatialization Effect to
give space to your sound.

  (ZIP 32Ko - OCT 1998)


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